The festive season can bring endless celebrations, gatherings and get-togethers. While it’s lots of fun, it can easily take its toll on your health, leaving you with that heavy season feeling. 

To stay balanced this festive season you can:

Eat until you are about 60% full: 
To ensure that your digestion is not over loaded and you can process all the food eaten.

Try not to 'run on empty': 
With so many commitments during this busy period, it can be common to find yourself skipping meals or reaching for fast options in between commitments. This can not only wear down your immune defence but increase the absorption of alcohol.

Stay hydrated:
Another way to take the strain off your digestive system is to keep your water consumption up while indulging in food and alcohol. It will also give your kidneys a bit of much needed support, as they are tasked with constantly flushing the increase in processed waste material that enters your body on a night out.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs:
can also be used to promote the movement of Qi benefiting the digestion and energy.